Welcome to the 65th Virtual Fighter Squadron!

"Pure Fighter Aggression"


The 65thVFS is a Digital Combat Simulator F-15C Eagle Air Superiority Squadron. We have a passion for flying the Eagle and we are actively seeking out joint relationships with other squadrons that enjoy flying with us for the mutual benefits of a like minded community and training.  We encourage Live ATC, AWACS, Range Controllers, and flying with all things DCS ground and air assets. If anyone is interested in hosting or joint training with us you are encouraged to stop by on our Teamspeak (ts.65thvfs.com) and chat with one of us. Sometimes, we may be in a private Teamspeak channel during a mission, however, we encourage you to check back at a later time, wait for us to complete the sortie, or leave a message and we will get back to you.  If you are looking for a home that flies the F-15C Eagle in a North American timezone we will let you know when there is a selection interview. Check our calendar for our Flying Schedule.


Isaiah 40:31 "....they shall mount up with wings as eagles...."